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Painting, beyond all the creative expressions, seems to be endowed with a supersubstantial capacity, the colour. One of the internal and external energy sources in man and universe. Man first painted with colours he, himself, made and then built. So, painting remains the way of soul expression, that was and is always the first need of man, from his infantile age, that he painted, which was the Caves Age.
It has, now been scientifically proved that the colour (as well as the sound) will be the therapeutic of the future. In this sense the colour and as a result the chromatic painting with the vital vibration of the colour, can play an important role, in the evolution of humanity.
This painting attempts to show the cosmic dynamism, the vibration of the energy, that exists everywhere in the universe, as a driving force, which is expressed through the light in colour and the manifestation of forms and creates all the beings in their diachronic evolution.

Efi Athanassiou