Efi Athanassiou's interest in scientific research and methodology spans from Art and Archaeology and Byzantine Art to History of Art and Art Criticism.





The therapeutic of colour and its application in painting.
Efi Athanassiou, ION Editorial Group Co, Athens, 2002

Her book "The therapeutic of colour and its application in painting" has been published byION Editorial Group Co, Athens, 2002. "In this book by Efi Athanassiou, who is painter and art critic, is traced the course of the energy of colour, through many civilizations, from antiquity up to the modern epoch, in which the colour acquires again its very important meaning, for man.
In this book of Efi Athanassiou, is examined the relation of colour with the organic systems and the energy centres of man and its correspondences with the chemical elements, the minerals and the human manifestations.
The experimental research and its historical retrospection, together with its applications, shed new light to its psycho-intellectual therapeutic capacities and the chromotherapy methods, as well as its preventive influence, attested by the extended bibliography.
In this book a new and mainly, entirely new and original constant of approach of the colour, which the writer brings, is the therapeutic painting which she introduces, after many years of study and practical application on the subject of therapeutic function of the colour, in parallel with its aesthetics, which aims to assist man for a better and more complete life.".

Past publications include:


Byzantine Art

Macedonian Renaissance. The Culmination of Expression of Byzantine Art through the spirit of Classical Hellenism, Archeology Periodical, No. 43, 1992
A Symbol, degree of Internal and External communication in the Essence of Byzantine Art and its practical meaning on representations, Archeology Periodical, No. 40, 1991
Unpublished doctoral dissertation on Middle-Byzantine Art, (“On the classical phases of the evolution of Middle-Byzantine Art, culminating in the Macedonian Renaissance and their spiritual element”).
Tokali Kilisse and the question of Cappadocian art, 1980.
The architecture of St. Sophia Constantinople, 1980.
The mosaics of St. Sophia Constantinople (the phases), 1980.
The Maximilian chair, 1980.
Icons, 1979.
The Iustinianic Barberini diptych of Louvre, 1979.
interpretation of Byzantine art, 1979.
Icons of St. Catherine Sina monastery, 1979.
The Altarpiece of Pala d' Oro, 1979.
Santa Maria Antiqua Rome and Santa Maria Fuoris Portas. Castelseptio, 1979.
Christ Pantocrator Mosaic. Palermo, 1979.
The purification Fresco. St. Maria Foris Portas. Castelsepilo, 1979.
United fingers position, symbol of Unity with the Devine, 1979.
The salutation on Trial by water. Wall-painting. Rock cut church Kiliclar. Cappadocia, 1979.
The Daphni Dormition of the Virgin Church, 1979.
The church of the Koropi Metamorphosis, 1979.
The Laon Mandylion image of Christ, 1979.
Palms position benediction of grace giving energy, 1979.
Upright hands position, for blessing, by radiating energy, 1979.
The doubting Thomas mosaic. Daphni, 1979.
Early and classical byzantine mosaic decoration, 1978.
Iconoclastic controversy, 1978.
Theodor Psalter. Br. Mus. 19352, 1978.
The mosaics of St. Vitale Ravenna in comparison with those of St. Catherine Sina, 1977.
The Vienna Genesis manuscript (Ostereische National Bibliotek. Gr. 31, 1977.
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Painting after iconoclasm, 1977.
St. Sophia Kiev. Mosaics, 1977.
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St. Lucas and St. Sophia Kiev, 1976.
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The Monastery of St. Catherine (Sinai), 1976.
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Rabula Gospels. Florence Lorenziana. Pluteus 1, 1976.
Chludov Psalter. State Hist. Mus. 124, 1976.
Iustinianic rt, 1976.


Art Criticism

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Zymarakis. The vision of another world. Adam editions, Athens 2010

Rouli Boua and Classical Dance. A fineart documentation of love. Athens 2009
Relationship and correspondences of music with chromatic painting, 2009.
Josef Beus and Art, Athens 2009.
"Rethinking the social and economic conditions on Art". European Forum on essays on Art. Institute National d' Histoire  d' Art. Paris 2008.
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"Astras. From the Spiritual to an Interhuman Union", Nireas Editions. Athens 2008.

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Aggelos exhibition. Argo Gallery, Dec. 1977.
Exhibition of J. Papadakis. Gallery Tholos, 1977.
Various essays of History and Criticism of Art.



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