Efi Athanassiou, "The time of change",, Number 95, 2013.
Efi Athanassiou, "Crisis and signs of time",, Number 94, 2013.
Efi Athanassiou, "Searching the positive",, Number 92, 2012.

Efi Athanassiou, "A universal artist near us",, Number 91, 2012.


Under publication book:

Hellas - Switzerland: Two Countries, two quite different peoples and a century of continuous, unhindered friendship and especially creative cooperation between the two peoples.

Since the first publication of her poems “March First”, 1965, Efi Athanassiou has written and published several collections of poetry, poetic prose, and essays.
Her book "The therapeutic of colour and its application in painting" has been published by ION Group Companies, Athens, 2002.


Essay and traslation of Federico Garcia Lorca "Cordoba", 2005.
"T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets”, A message for the future of Humanity"
(Translation to Greek and Explanatory essay), Third edition, Ikaros Publications, Athens, 2002.

“Towards the direction of distinction of the spiritual and the intellectual”
, Noumas periodical, 1998.
“An other look to Traianos”, Odos Panos, Athens, 1992.
“Diatyposeis”, Nea Skepsi, volume 135-135, Athens, 1975.
"Maverick. A horse and a powerfull will. " S.S. Augustithis. Pentland Press Inc. U.S.A.


“March Second” “Transitions” “Exit to the new Age”

“Cyclic Poem”, Pyrinos Cosmos Publications, Athens, 1994;
“Exit to the new Age”, Diogenis Publications, Athens, 1992;
“Transitions”, Ikaros Publications, Athens, 1971;
“March Second”, Ikaros Publications, Athens, 1966;
“March First”, Athens, 1965.

Poetic Prose


“System of Fissures”, Ikaros Publications, Athens, 1971; ....."Cyclic Poem" Pyrinos Kosmos Athen 1994

Literary Works

Federico Garcia Lorca: “Cancion de Hinettes”.

J. P. Sartre: “The words”.
M. Gorky: “My childhood”.
F. Kafka: “The Execution and other short stories”.
F. Dostoyiefsky: “The Gumbler”.
Oriental Fairy Tales.
Asiatic Fairy Tales.
Virginia Wolf.Women and literature.
Nea Estia Year MH' Volume 96th, Number 1134, Athens.

H. Pinter: “The Room”, played in 1962.
E. Ionesco: “Ready for marriage”.
E. Ionesco: “Improvisation”.


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